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GEPRO ARGENTINA SRL es una empresa joven formada por un grupo de profesionales dedicada a brindar soluciones integrales de seguridad para su empresa. Con gran experiencia en servicios de Seguridad Privada e Investigaciones. .

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Capacitamos a nuestro personal en base a las Leyes vigentes y a nuestra experiencia en las distintas areas, logrando asi un alto rendimiento en los servicios que prestamos a nuestros clientes.

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Contamos con subsidiarias en Chile, peru, Colombia, Brasil, uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Ecuador y Bolivia.

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Bodyguard in Argentina

Perhaps the country that needs the most use for body guards is Argentina. There are so many civic people that need guarding, especially with all the politics and civil wars raging there so often; it is almost considered a necessity. Bodyguard jobs in Argentina are considered as a great importance, bodyguards in Argentina are used for individuals of great importance as well as those that have money. Besides the local authorities bodyguards have special privileges, for example in most countries bodyguards are not able to carry even a concealed weapon but in certain parts of the world such as Argentina they are.

Although there is a high demand for bodyguards they can be difficult to find. When being considered for a position of body guarding many things are taken into consideration. The training needed is sought after more in Argentina than in many other locations in the world. Some of these items include;

* Experience
* Flexibility
* Pay
* Background

Many bodyguards especially in Argentina are looked to as paid mercenaries this is due to the job requirements. Bank officials are also known to take on bodyguards and paid individuals for protection. Having a military or even martial arts training is almost a 100% guarantee that you will get hired. Bodyguard jobs in Argentina require the best of the best unlike a security guard, bodyguards are required to be quick not only on their feet but quick with their mind as well.

The position of a bodyguard varies greatly from Argentina to a city in the United States. For example a bodyguard may represent a signer or artist in the US But represent a government official in Argentina. The difference in the job is the threat. While most individuals in Argentina are in need of protection physically for their life, those in the US Are often in need of protection in a less serious form.

What Bodyguard Protect From
Being a bodyguard has its perks in everyday society, many of these individuals get to work with extremely famous people meaning not only do they get to collect from the fame of these individuals they get offers from other individuals.

The most common things for a bodyguard in Argentina to prepare for include some of the following;

* Kidnappings
* Theft
* Murder
* Risk to their own person

Some of these things are less of a threat in certain locations of the world, however Argentina like most places deals with these threats on a daily basis, which is why those who have an extensive background in self defense are generally hired first. Depending on the job some bodyguards are given special privileges such as locations they can and can not enter. This once again depends on the power the bodyguard must have to properly protect the individual.

Who Needs Bodyguards?
While most people think they need some form of protection the fact of the matter is not many individuals need protection on the level of personal bodyguards. Bodyguards often act as security officials as well, they get various jobs such as:

* Banks
* Shopping Malls
* Private Properties
* Body Guarding

Although in the majority of the situations listed above the job of the bodyguard is to protect a place and the individuals inside rather than one individual directly. This once again depends on the location of the job, some require individuals to have the extensive combat training while others just need someone to protect materialistic items.

Other Pluses
If you would like to get a bodyguard position in Argentina another piece of training that you should probably acquire some first aid training. Bodyguards are needed world wide but the most commonly referred to location is Argentina. The job can be gruesome and does have a certain level of danger associated with it. Argentina has many dangers and therefore in the ending result have a high need of bodyguards.